598. Paper. Using architecture and design methods to engage older people of low SES in a participatory process about neighbourhood design – did we design physical or social environments? Carroll, S.

609. Paper. Age-friendly developments in the Walloon Region, Belgium. Architectural and sociological visions of space and social interactions. Leleu, M.

611. Paper. How nature contributes to an age-friendly community to encourage healthy ageing: Using behaviour maps and go-along interview methods. He, Y.

617. Paper. Tactile street name signs: All-aged friendly. Evernden, J.

636. Paper. The seniors, the designers – A design experience to create an age-friendly environment with the elderly in Hong Kong. Wong, R.

August 9 @ 08:00
08:00 — 09:30 (1h 30′)

Classroom C

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